22 May 2013

Aloe Vera and Ferox

Aloe Ferox is Indigenous to South Africa
This is just one of those plants that should be in every garden.  They are easy to grow, and makes babies quite fast.  I have them growing near my veranda.  As living in the bush we have insects - loads!   And Aloe vera is a lovely quick relief.  Just  break off a leaf and rub the gel straight on.  The plants over 2 years old have stronger healing properties, so use the older bigger leaves at the bottom.  They not too crazy about the cold though.  Lucky for me, it is rarely cold here.  Otherwise they do pretty well in pots on a warm windowsill.

Part of plant used:
Leaf gel or juice from inside the leaf

Health Benefits
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds (ferox & vera)
* Rub gel directly onto mouth ulcers (ferox & vera)
* Drink Aloe vera juice for Digestion problems. It relieves constipation ( do not use if you suffer from piles).  CAUTION: The outer yellow sap is a powerful laxative and can cause Diarrhoea
* Have a look at my recipe for Aloe vera juice.  
* Apply direct for relief from insect bites (ferox & vera)
* Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation (vera) and itchy skin
* All Purpose Wound healer with it's anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.
* Apply Fresh Gel to the outside of the eyelid to treat Conjunctivitis. 

Cosmetic uses:
* Mix sap into your cream for excellent moisturizing (vera)
* Mix sap into shampoo to soothe dry or itchy scalps (vera)
* Mix into sun-cream for its soothing properties (vera)

Pet care:
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds (ferox & vera)
* Apply direct for Relief from insect bites (ferox & vera)
* Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation (vera)
* Arthritis & digestive problems (15ml per 9kg of body weight daily) added to food
* Apply externally to get rid of ticks in cattle & dogs.
* All Purpose Wound healer with it's anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.


3 cups Aloe vera leaves
5ml vitamin C powder
- Aloe vera may be prepared as 100% juice, stabilised with vitamin C.
- Pick large leaves, cut the skin off, rinse the yellow sap off with water and place the clear gel in a blender.
- For 3 cups of gel, add 1 teaspoon (5ml) of vitamin C powder and blend at low speed.
- Place in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to a month.  or in the freezer for up to 3 months.
Tip:  It is great to place the gel in ice cube trays, and use the frozen ice cube direct onto burns, aches, swollen joints etc.  
- Take 2-5 tablespoons, mixed with water or added to fruit juice, which helps to disguise the gooey texture and makes it easier to swallow.
-The pure juice, taken regularly, is recommended as the most effective way to reap the medicinal benefits of aloe.

My References and Additional further reading:
Please have a look at my Books and references page for where I got a lot of  the info for this post.

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  1. Shortly after I wrote this post my daughter got quite badly stung by a hairy caterpillar. With a rash over her whole stomach area. I cut open an Aloe Vera leaf, scraped out the gel, and rubbed it all over the red bumpy area, within a few minutes the itch was gone, and within 30 minutes, the rash was gone - amazing!


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