18 May 2013

Making liquid dove soap

- Soap is one of those frustratingly difficult things to make from totally natural ingredients.
- There is of course Castile Soap, which is made from natural products, a lovely moisturizing soap - but is quite runny, and fairly expensive (as in not a good cheaper alternative to bought soap).
- Then there is the option of of making your own, using a plant called Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis)  - but you have to use it rather rapidly, as it goes off - and also rather runny.
- Then there is the cosmetic industry which has spent fortunes on perfecting the perfect recipe.  And in my personal opinion Dove soap is probably one of the better options.  But the price of the liquid soap is a bit pricey.  So for a 100g bar of soap you can make 625ml of liquid dove soap- which works out to a huge saving!
- Here's how to do it.  So easy.  The added glycerin gives the soap a wonderful feel, and is very good for the skin, as bar soaps can be a bit drying

1 (100g) bar of dove soap
1/2 Tbls (7,5ml) Glycerin
2 and 1/2 cups (625ml) Boiled water

-Grate the bar of soap
-Add all ingredients to a pot, and place on low heat
-Stir on and off until all the soap has melted (about 20 minutes or so)
-Put into soap dispenser bottles and the left over into glass bottles for storage.
-It will thicken up even more over night to be almost exactly the same consistency as Dove liquid soap

The verdict
- Totally awesome!

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  1. This is great! I assume you can use any kind of bar soap?


    1. Yes, any kind works well, I find with other soap you need to add more water though. About 3 to 3 and 1/2 cups per bar of soap. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Keren - Thanks for hitting the followers button on my blog :)

    I make my own soap, so am wondering, would this work with homemade soap? How long woud it last, and would it go "hard" / separate over time?

    1. Hi, Dani. I haven't tried it with homemade soap, but imagine it would work just as well. However it is probably easier to make the soap as a liquid to start with.

  3. i will try it tomorrow .. its amazing .. thank u very much Keren .. its me Hiba

  4. Hi Karen, i tried this recipe but the soap solution would separate in two layers. i would shake this solution and it blends together but it would separate after 24 hours. What could be done to make our soap solution more stable? Thanks


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