21 May 2013

Healing Bulbinella

Amazing HEALING Properties of BULBINELLA (Bulbine frutescens)
This plant should be a part of every South African Garden.  It has a stunning array of yellow flowers, and it's medicinal properties are amazing.  It withstands drought, survives frost. My little girl already knows to go pick herself a leaf and rub it on any scratch or wound.  Fun for kids to be their own doctor! 
Bulbine frutescens
Part of plant used:
Leaf and leaf gel
* Split the fresh leaf and apply the gel direct 

Health Benefits:
* Rashes & Eczema - Just squeeze a bit of the leaf sap onto affected area.
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds
* Apply direct to Blisters
* Apply direct to cracked lips, fever blisters, cold sores,
* apply to pimples
* Apply direct to help get rid of ringworm & herpes
* Apply direct for relief from insect bites & Stings
* Apply direct Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation

Cosmetic Uses:
- Mix sap into creams, shampoo for its excellent moisturizing properties.

Pet Care:
Note: Not harmful if your pet licks it off
* Rub leaf sap onto sores and rashes
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds
* Apply direct for relief from insect bites & Stings
* Apply direct Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation
* All purpose Wound Healer

Tips and Suggestions:
*  For more fabulous animal caring tips have a look my Furry Pets and Friends  or the Natural Health & Beauty Index page
* Please Comment and share your experiences.

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  1. Wow, how interesting! Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist. Looking forward to seeing what you share this week."

    Mindie ~ http://bornagainfarmgirl.blogspot.com/

  2. Where can those in the USA find this plant???

  3. Hi Mama Bear
    I unfortunately am not familiar with what is available in the USA. But I am sure if you inquire at your local garden nursery they should be able to help you. Most plants you can get world wide these days. Kind regards Keren (Fabulous Farm Living)


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