11 May 2015

Dukkah Spice

Guests of ours recently spoilt us, with making this most wonderful spice.  They very kindly shared the recipe, which is based on the traditional Egyptian Dukkah Recipe (but better!).  This is the most Fabulous deliciously yummy spice,  I found myself sprinkling it in on almost everything, even just gobbling straight out my hand.
Dukkah spice

4 Apr 2015

Cold and Flu Remedies Part 2


I'm very much towards the natural approach to healing.  But like all things you have to listen to your body... and more importantly, your essence / heart / what feels right to you?  If you are running a fever or your lungs feel tight, then don't hesitate to see your local best doc,  they are, after all, trained to make you healthy.

So saying... here are my remedies, which work for me and my family,  and this way we manage to combat almost every cold without visiting that doc.

The minute you feel that first inkling of a cold starting:
* Olive leaf spray
* boost the vitamin C intake,
* Take a daily probiotic.  Germs often start spreading from the stomach
* Take a daily multi-vitamin
* Check your PH level.  Germs thrive in an acid condition.  You can buy a test kit from your local chemist, which usually involves putting a bit of linctus paper in your mouth then testing it against a chart.  If you are under 7, you may need to take a alkaline powder.
*  A positive mind.   Say to yourself out loud. "I AM HEALTHY" at least 10 times, and then another 10 times just before you fall asleep at night.  What your mind believes the body achieves.

2 tsp (10 ml) Olive Leaf extract
25 ml Colloidal Silver
Both Olive leaf extract and Colloidal silver are available at your local pharmacy.  I get my olive leaf extract from our local homeopath.
* Mix in a small pump spray bottle:
* Spray 3 sprays into a clean mouth every hour for 3 doses, then reduce to every 2 hours
* Great for kids too!

2 Tbls Salt
2 Tbls fresh Lemon juice
a Little Warm water
* Mix all together in a cup and gargle.  Do this every hour for 3 doses, then reduce to every 2 hours

2 Tbls (30 ml) Raw Honey
2 Tbls (30 ml) fresh Lemon juice
1 tsp (5 ml) Turmeric
1 tsp (5 ml) grated Ginger (or a sprinkle of dried)
Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper
* Mix all together in a little bowl
* Take regular teaspoons 3 times a day

Tips and Suggestions:
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* Please comment and share your ideas.

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23 Mar 2015

Apple and Pineapple Crumble

This is such a lovely easy desserts, or for tea.  Kids love to help with crumbling the butter into the flour - such fun!  The oats, apples and pineapple make it pretty healthy too - Yummy!

17 Mar 2015

Oat & Seed Crunchies

I love this recipe - it is super duper easy and the whole family just loves them,  Just my sort of thing.  I have been asked so many times for the recipe over the years.  So this is one you are going to have to print out.  Have any of you heard of Yummly?  I keep my favourite recipes on there - it is an awesome site.   The oats are nice and healthy,as is the handful of nuts, seeds or both.  This is a really kid friendly, in both the making process.... and the eating process!
Fresh out the oven

10 Mar 2015

Mielie Pap

This is the staple diet of the majority of South African's, made from maize meal, which is ground up dried corn.  It is also the most popular side dish at a braai (barbeque) in Africa.  SA Kids and adults love it!  It is usually served with a tomato and onion relish or gravy.  Or served with a stew, to soak up all that delicious gravy.  It is even eaten for breakfast with milk and sugar as a porridge.
Mielie pap topped with Tomato relish and melted cheese

3 Mar 2015

Vegetable Curry

I was looking for inspiration for a fantastic thick chunky vegetarian curry recipe,   but none particularly appealed to me,  So, once again, I fell back on my own inspiration and wanting of good healthy food.   I ended up with this wonderful recipe, which I use regularly and adapt according to what's in season.  Perfect for a cold rainy evening.  It is Vegan, and Gluten Free,  and only uses one pot (bonus!).  I hope you love it as much as my family does.

Vegetarian Curry

27 Feb 2015

The Best Chocolate Brownies

This recipe is my Gran's.  She honestly makes the best brownies ever.  It is superb, and definitely the simplest most delicious Brownie recipe I have ever come across.  And believe me... I have tried a few.

30 Jan 2015

Building our Pool

Our summer heat and humidity, is only just bearable. We did a toss up between building a small cottage for family guests or building a pool.  After wading our way through another stifling hot sticky February - the pool Won - guests lost!  "Ag shame" you might say in true South African-ism... but we have a guest house on the farm we holiday let out anyhow... they can stay there in all its luxury! - see Chumbi Bush House.
Finished Pool - at sunset

14 Apr 2014

Hand Raising a wild antelope

A Red Duiker named Jinx
I have had the most wonderful opportunities in life, and one of those was being able to hand raise a few wild animals - many birds, a wood owl, a genet and a red duiker.   The red duiker I got the most attached to, he was a pleasure to watch develop into a characterful little animal - full of spunk.

21 Mar 2014

Chumbi Bush House

Are you planning a trip to the spectacular wilderness of Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa

Main entrance

12 Mar 2014

Peppermint Crisp pudding

This is a very typical South African dessert.  Quick, simple, very yummy and looks fabulous and best of all - no baking involved!  
Peppermint Crisp Pud

25 Feb 2014

Sticky Sweet Chilli and Tamarillo Jam

My Little Veggie patch is full of little bell peppers and Chillis. And my Tamarillo tree is drooping with Tamarillos.  So what better way than to utilize them all in a sweet chilli jam?!  You can substitute the Tamarillos for tomatoes if you like.  It is absolutely delicious.
Tamarillos and Chillis

11 Feb 2014

Delicious Shrimp Mousse

This recipe is super easy and absolutely fabulous.  You are guaranteed "Wow" comments.  I have been making it for years, and it never fails to impress!
Shrimp mousse ready for spreading onto biscuits - Yum!

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