27 Feb 2015

The Best Chocolate Brownies

This recipe is my Gran's.  She honestly makes the best brownies ever.  It is superb, and definitely the simplest most delicious Brownie recipe I have ever come across.  And believe me... I have tried a few.
One cup (250ml) Self raising Flower 
Half a cup (125ml) Cocoa 
Two cups (500ml) Brown Sugar 
125 grams melted Margarine
Two Eggs whisked
Two Tablespoons (30ml) Milk
Pinch of Salt.

* Mix all dry ingredients together
* Add melted Margarine
* Add whisked Eggs and Milk, stir in well by hand
* Bake in prepared Tin for 35 min, in Oven 180 degrees
* Allow to cool in Tin, the cut into squares
Tin size approx. 28 by 18 cm deep.

*  Approximately 24 brownies

Tips and Suggestions:
*  For some extra added decadence chop up dark chocolate and add it into the mix when adding the eggs and milk.
*  *  For more fabulous ideas have a look at my Yummy Food index page

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